Advisory Services

Strat-Logika provides advisory and energy resource services through all stages of the project lifecycle and on multiple technologies. From onshore and offshore to solar, the Advisory team also work globally on projects worldwide across Europe, Australia, North and South America, Africa and Asia. We have experience working with banks, equity and balance sheet financing. Our dedicated team of consultants can conduct work in English, French, Italian, Swedish and Spanish. Our resource assessment specialists are available to perform wind and solar energy resource assessments.

The advisory and energy resource services team provides the following services:

  • Due diligence

  • Wind resource assessment

  • Turbine tendering and procurement

  • Operation and performance audits

  • Feasibility studies

  • Solar resource assessment

  • General consultancy

Due diligence

Obtaining quality due diligence services during the acquisition, sale or financing of a renewable energy project is essential to ensure that there are no issues that could hinder the profitability or viability of a project. Typically due diligence includes reviews of:

  • Site Appreciation

  • Energy Yield Assessment

  • Site Conditions and Turbine Suitability Contract Overview

  • Programme

  • OEM and Turbine Technology

  • Balance of Plant Track Record

  • Supply - Turbine Supply Agreement

  • Supply - Balance of Plant

  • Supply - Project Management Agreement

  • Supply - Interface

  • Supply - Service Agreement

  • Asset Management

  • Grid Connection Agreement

  • Power Purchase Agreement

  • Electrical Design

  • Geotechnical Investigation

  • Civil Design

  • Environmental

  • Permitting

  • Operational Performance

  • Financial Model

Wind resource assessment

Our highly skilled wind resource team has assessed wind energy resource and site conditions worldwide. We use specialist software such as WindPro, Wind-Farmer and WAsP as well as more advanced CFD modelling.

  • Wind measurement campaigns

  • Site layout design and optimisation

  • Installation and monitoring of meteorological masts, Lidar and SODAR (SOnic Detection And Ranging) stations

  • Site conditions assessment

  • Turbine selection advice

  • Wind flow modelling

  • Bankable P50 and P90 yield predictions

  • General wind service consultancy

Turbine tendering and procurement

Strat-Logika offers all levels of negotiation services, from technical advisor through to overall management of negotiation including the provision of advice at tender stage.

  • Experience with a broad range of turbine manufacturers

  • Experienced staff with both technical and commercial knowledge of different forms of contracts

  • Up to date market knowledge

Operation and performance audits

Strat-Logika offers audits of operating wind farm projects including:

  • Site and turbine inspections

  • Verification of statutory inspection validity

  • Availability warranty and downtime review

  • Contractual availability review

  • Top 10 errors by occurrence, downtime and revenue loss

  • Power curve review

  • Service record analysis

  • Operational energy yield assessment

Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies can look at a large portfolio of potential sites to highlight the most viable candidates, or focus on one project to ensure that there are no significant outstanding issues before proceeding to development.

  • Wind or solar energy resource

  • Planning and environmental concerns and constraints

  • Site design

  • Access and transportation

  • Risk assessments

  • Site condition assessment

  • Preliminary financial modelling

Solar resource assessment

In addition to wind, our resource team can also offer solar resource assessment, including:

  • Installation and monitoring of insolation measuring equipment

  • Analysis and modelling of on-site and satellite solar data

  • Design and optimisation of solar photovoltaic project layouts We use a variety of solar insolation data to minimise uncertainty.

General consultancy

In addition to the services detailed above, we are happy to offer more general advice and consultancy on topics related to wind and solar projects. Please contact us to discuss how Strat-Logika can tailor our services to fit your needs.


Solar Prospect is the solar arm of Strat-Logika and offers services across the project lifecycle to help bring your renewable vision to reality. We guarantee a rapid response to your requirements with inbuilt flexibility to make sure you get the results you require. Our service is personal and one main contact will ensure your project runs smoothly and that control remains in your hands to the extent that you require.

Our goal is always to provide you with a solution.


  • Developer services

  • Site finding & feasibility studies

  • Grid connection

  • Solar resource monitoring & assessment

  • Environmental assessment

  • Planning & consenting


  • Project management

  • Owner’s engineer

  • Bank’s engineer

  • Health, safety and environment

  • On-site monitoring

  • Contractor liaison/management

  • Programme & cost reporting

  • Inspection & commissioning

  • Commercial support


  • Health, safety and environment

  • Specification & tendering

  • Electrical engineering design

  • Civil engineering design

  • Procurement & contracts management

  • Consenting

  • Grid connection management


  • Monitoring & reporting

  • Continuous monitoring & analysis

  • Site management & technical analysis

  • Full asset management

  • Site optimisation & operations assessment


  • Developer services

  • Pre-construction

  • Construction management

  • Operations management

  • Due diligence

  • Consultancy

  • Solar resource