Our bolsters provide maximum safety during handling, transport and storage of large riser joints; preventing damage to riser monitoring systems, buoyancy and the joint itself.


ISO container locks provide a secure and quick mechanical lock for stacking the bolsters, while secure lashing points preventing joint motion during sea and road transport.


  • High pressure drilling risers

  • Marine drilling risers

  • Completion and workover risers (multiple joint lifts)

  • Stress joints

  • Special joints


  • Certified DNV 2.7-3 Portable Offshore Units, with type approved capacity up to 14t (DNV GL certificate no. S-8546).

  • Far smaller and easier to store than shipping baskets, minimize deck space requirements and back loading.

  • Permits full access to the riser joint for inspection, maintenance, slinging and fastener installation.

  • Custom designs and higher load ratings available.