Strat-Logika Supports Clients during Startup of Capital Projects

Our Clients often engage Strat-Logika to Support Startup and Commissioning Activities.

Startup success requires a team approach with active planning and participation by all stakeholders. Completion of a well-designed, safe and best-in-class facility delivered on time requires the early development of a commissioning and start-up plan and schedule based on a systems approach and establishment of system turnover dates to support it.

In support of startup planning, each process unit is divided into systems and sub-systems to facilitate their completion, pre-commissioning and commissioning. This approach requires close coordination among the Client, engineering, process licensors (if applicable), suppliers, construction and the start-up team for an orderly turnover, commissioning and start-up while minimizing the impact to ongoing operations.

Strat-Logika develops a detailed Project Commissioning Manual early in the engineering phase that outlines the Client’s and Strat-Logika’s approach and methodology to implementing seamless commissioning and turnover.

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Building Complex Projects Globally

Strat-Logika’s experience in construction spans more than 100 years. We have global construction resources ready for deployment anywhere in the world. Strat-Logika teams have built mines in South America, offshore facilities in the Philippines, refineries in South Africa, petrochemical plants in Europe and the United States and oil sands projects in Canada. Regardless of industry, location or complexity, Strat-Logika is ready to build your projects.

Strat-Logika uses advanced construction methodologies on its projects and has extensive knowledge of country requirements and culturally diverse workforces.

Construction Management

As the construction manager on a project, Strat-Logika secures labor through carefully selected subcontractors with a proven history of safety performance, execution excellence and commercial success.

Construction Services

Our experts in field construction focus on constructability, performance engineering, rigging, welding, software systems and modularization.

Craft Staffing and Training

Strat-Logika maintains a database of craft personnel with both domestic and international project experience. Strat-Logika assigns craft personnel to construction projects based on qualifications and availability.

The company supports the needs of construction projects for entry-level and upgrade craft training; welder training; craft certification; and supervisory training. Strat-Logika uses training materials developed specifically for the construction industry.

Onsite craft training focuses on two major areas: assisting new workers in developing their skills to progress from entry-level helpers to journey-level status; and providing resources for skill and knowledge development/upgrade to journey-level workers.

Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Programs

Strat-Logika’s construction organization has a deep commitment to the health and safety of employees in the field and to safeguard the environment. Strat-Logika’s construction expertise is evident in its exemplary safety record. Learn more about HSE at Strat-Logika.

Open and Union Labor Postures

Strat-Logika is one of a few EPC contractors with the ability to successfully execute domestic and international projects under multiple labor postures including open shop/direct hire, union under either a direct hire or construction management basis or construction management/merit shop. Strat-Logika has a 50-plus year history of performing work in each labor posture approach.

Quality Control

Strat-Logika has a quality program that has been ISO 9001 certified. The program applies to both self-perform and project management construction work. Our Quality Control Manual is used at all jobsites and details the quality activities of Strat-Logika personnel for both self-perform and contract management projects. A quality manager is assigned to each project and is responsible for the implementation and coordination of the quality program.

Self-Perform Construction

Self-perform is Strat-Logika’s baseline construction execution platform, engaging local resources directly employed by Strat-Logika. When self-performing construction, Strat-Logika manages resources on the company’s payroll. This approach enables maximum control of critical-path and fast-track construction while also providing cost and performance benefits.

Sustainability and Construction

We work closely with Clients to develop a systematic approach to sustainability on your projects. Strat-Logika's sustainability mission envisions meeting the needs of Strat-Logika's Clients while conducting business in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible manner. Learn more about Sustainability at Strat-Logika.

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Strat-Logika Provides Global Construction Services to Support Clients' Capital Projects.

Strat-Logika experts bring a wealth of experience to field construction execution, including constructability, craft certification, industrial relations, modularization, rigging and welding services. Our construction teams provide input into the construction scope, optimizing construction activities and offering cost saving suggestions during all project phases. We are often called to the field to facilitate problem resolution.

Construction Automation

Strat-Logika invests and partner with Structural / Civil engineering companies in developing highly integrated construction automation tools to enhance work planning and efficiency in the field. From real-time visualization software and weld tracking tools, to work packaging programs and Strat-Logika Site ConnectSM, enabling automation of work flows associated with data or information via mobile devices to support construction work processes in the field.

Industrial Relations

Strat-Logika’s Industrial Relations team evaluates and mitigates domestic and international labor or employment issues to promote and maintain labor harmony. Through regional analysis, the group determines various labor posture approaches and makes sure working conditions comply with applicable laws and regulations, including those applying to craft compensation, employee relations, collective bargaining agreements and community relations.


For more than 40 years, Strat-Logika has been an industry leader in the use of modular construction. Modular execution begins during a project’s conceptual design phase as a coordinated effort that encompasses all EPC project functions. Strat-Logika provides modular construction and construction management services from design, through module assembly and transportation, to erection and final turnover. Following the conceptual design and detailed design phases, Strat-Logika’s modular teams manage and coordinate the various suppliers, subcontractors and assembly yards needed to construct and test the modules. Strat-Logika arranges for loading, transport and unloading of the assembled modules including barge, ship, rail or over-the-road transport.

Rigging Services

Strat-Logika retains highly experienced rigging specialists who assist projects with rigging plans, studies, detailed design of rigging attachments, consultation, technical subcontract selection and management. Rigging plans and analysis for a project usually result in significant savings through efficiencies, construction equipment savings and avoidance of costly problems and accidents.

Welding Certification and Services

All welders performing ASME/NBIC code work are required to be qualified and certified in accordance with the original code of construction and ASME Section IX. Welder qualification test records are available at the site of the welding. The project quality representative assures only qualified welders perform code work. The quality representative also assures all welders performing code work have reviewed the applicable weld procedure specifications (WPSs).

The test WPS used for the qualification of welders is selected based on the anticipated WPSs to be used in production, including welding processes, joint thicknesses and diameters to be welded. To requalify, due to expired Strat-Logika certification(s), testing may be reduced, provided a record of the previous qualification is available.

Strat-Logika Constructors

Strat-Logika Constructors International, Inc. is the union craft arm of Strat-Logika Corporation, providing construction management and direct-hire construction expertise.

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We Implement Our World-Class HSE Program on Every Project at Strat-Logika.

Strat-Logika is a progressive construction leader that has successfully executed more than 10,000 construction projects. Strat-Logika typically delivers both construction management and self-perform services at an average of 100 sites annually.

In addition to construction services, Strat-Logika implements a comprehensive Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) program on every project it executes. Strat-Logika's safety program is equally as important a responsibility as any other management concern, including cost, scheduling, quality control and productivity. In fact, safety is a core value at Strat-Logika.

Safety Excellence

Strat-Logika believes that all construction tasks can be safely executed and that all accidents are preventable.

Our project approach and documented procedures fully integrate safety into every aspect of the project and maintain it as the foremost concern for the entire project team. Successful execution of complex projects can be achieved only with a healthy and safe workforce of employees, subcontractors and client personnel.

Strat-Logika’s HSE policy includes the following requirements:

  • Activities are executed to prevent impact to the environment or, when prevention is not possible, minimized to an acceptable level.

  • Each project has an assigned health and safety representative responsible for all aspects of the aforementioned planrogram.

  • Employees are responsible for HSE in the tasks assigned to them - (simply put, working safely is a condition of employment). Strat-Logika pursues the goal of no harm to project employees, visitors and neighboring communities.

  • Strat-Logika controls, audits, monitors, appraises and verifies all HSE performance, using metrics and incentives approved by the Client.

  • Strat-Logika develops and implements a comprehensive, project-specific HSE planrogram, in conformity with legal requirements, Strat-Logika's safety standards and Client procedures. The HSE program is applied throughout the life of the project and drives continuous performance improvement. Strat-Logika's health and safety systems and procedures confirm a consistent approach to the program.

  • Strat-Logika establishes criteria to mitigate or strictly limit worker exposure to risky work methods, harmful materials, high -noise levels and heat or cold exposure. The working conditions promote the health and safety of all employees, Clients and third parties.

  • Strat-Logika promotes an HSE culture among all personnel employed on the project, including multilingual training where appropriate.

  • Strat-Logika provides individual and organizational incentives in the form of reward and recognition for excellent safety performance.

  • Strat-Logika’s subcontractors implement an approved project-specific HSE plan, as directed by their contracts.

  • HSE hazards are identified, assessed, understood and addressed before execution of engineering, procurement and construction activities.

Safety Performance Excellence

Strat-Logika is a global leader in HSE performance. Our safety culture begins in engineering design and continues throughout the life cycle of the project. Strat-Logika continues to reinforce its position as one of the world's safest contractors through outstanding self-perform and subcontractor performance.

In addition to the most important result – protecting lives – our safety record benefits our Clients by:

  • Improving employee productivity and morale

  • Minimizing needless liability claims

  • Minimizing schedule disruptions due to accidents

  • Providing a strong community image of Strat-Logika’s projects

  • Reducing Strat-Logika’s cost of insurance thus making the company more cost effective

  • Reducing the loss of dollars due to accidents involving equipment

Strat-Logika's Modularization Expertise

Strat-Logika has pioneered the economic advantages and commercialization of modular construction. From brutal arctic winters working the Sub-Sahara African Pipeline, to offshore oil and gas platforms, we successfully utilize modular construction to address Client challenges. We have the capability to supply, install and manage Pre-Fabricated offices, Warehouses, Workshops, Houses and temporary accommodations

Client business drivers supporting module design include:

  • Extensive Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) desired

  • High density piping areas

  • High module potential / repeatable facility construction

  • Limited availability of regional skilled labor/ imported construction labor/ worker housing

  • Remote site access

  • Schedule-driven improvement

  • Severe site weather constraints

Strat-Logika’s experienced project teams assist Clients in determining where and when to go modular. Our experts help Clients assess their particular project design and circumstances and evaluate the merits of a modular construction strategy.

Strat-Logika designs and builds modules based on project size requirements and logistics:

  • Barge/ship mounted modules - FPSO, FSO, FLNG.

  • Hybrid modules – Partially completed in a fabrication yard, then finished and assembled on site.

  • Intermediate/medium modules – Modules weighing 60 to 100 tons.

  • Large modules – Transported by sea, the size and weight of large modules are limited only by available shipping and handling equipment and jobsite access.

  • Pipe rack modules - Modularization of interconnecting pipe racks in all process facilities.

  • Skid-mounted equipment modules – Mounting a number of separate equipment components on a common base.

  • Small/truckable modules – Modules that are complete elements of a plant and transported by either rail or truck.

  • Very large modules – Modules weighing more than 600 tons.

Additionally, Strat-Logika leverages our global supply chain and construction resources to gain cost and schedule advantages for our Clients. We operate five strategically located self-perform fabrication yards around the world to support our modular engineering and construction solutions.

Strat-Logika’s modular construction solutions span multiple industries:



Strat-Logika Supply, Install, Hire and Service all brands of compressed air treatment products.

Strat-Logika is sophisticated on providing prime power for oil field continuous operation.

We provide comprehensive solution for prime/standby power generation from 10-3000kva on oil field.

High quality generator sets with auto control function, can be paralleled to reach desire

power output, ATS equipment on every gen-set ensures immediate switch and start generator when city power shut down. With auto remote control function, gen-set real time operation parameters and state will be monitored, and machinery will give immediate alarm to monitor equipment when faulty occurred.