Rocksteady Handling Tool

Building on the success of the Rocksteady subsea connector, our riser handling tool uses the same high capacity collet locking mechanism to lock into a machined groove in the bore of the riser.


This mechanism gives a more efficient load path for the same envelope; and coupled with OEM’s proprietary locking profile in the flange and optional bore seal, the tool offers maximum security with higher load and pressure testing capability.

The tool is designed and manufactured to API Spec 7K and API Spec 8C (ISO 13535) to 350t SWL (higher load ratings available).


  • Drilling risers.

  • Stress and tension joints.

  • Drilling adaptor joints.

  • Piles and conductors with handling grooves.


  • Balanced CoG and nose cone for easy horizontal and vertical installation

  • Clear visual indication and manual position lock

  • Fail safe hydraulic lock

  • Adaptable to a range of bore diameters and operations

  • Ideal for handling joints with wellhead profiles: separate lock on ID groove and protects seal areas

  • Optional riser fill, gasket retention and pressure testing capability