• Strat-Logika provides a wide range of instrumentation for the oil, gas, mining, power and petrochemical industries. We deliver projects to your required       schedule, managing multiple and diverse technologies, automation, maintenance and business system integration, and lifecycle costs.

  • Strat-Logika is an approved distributor of Budenberg Gauges, an established market leader in the manufacture and supply of pressure and temperature       gauges, along with instrumentation valves and calibration services.

  • Strat-Logika is also an authorised reseller for WW Grainger Inc, a USA-based company with over 800,000 products, many in stock. STRAT-LOGIKA’s       relationship with WW Grainger Inc allows us to call on a host of manufacturer’s products with a quick delivery and low price, offering brands such as       Fluke, MSA, Extech, 3M, Megger, Ashcroft, Fisher, Tyco, Honeywell, Emerson, Ametek, Dwyer and many others.

  • Strat-Logika is ideally positioned to assist with all your instrumentation requirements at discounted prices, and our extensive project management       experience, coupled with a structured implementation approach and early involvement in the project, can significantly reduce rework and associated costs       later in the project.

Test Calibration Gauges

We are supplier of 0.25% Accuracy Standard Test Gauge, 0.2% Accuracy Master Test Gauge, 0.15% Accuracy Super Test Gauge & Digital Test Gauges.

Industrial Gauges

Standard Process Gauge, Monel Wetted Parts Process Gauge, Lower Cost Process Gauge, Low Pressure Gauge & Larger Dial Gauges.

Dial Thermometers

Bi-Metallic Thermometers, Gas Filled Thermometer, Mercury Filled Thermometer & Thermowells.

Diaphragm Gauges

Schaffer Diaphragm (Screwed & Flanged Connections), Welded Screwed Diaphragm, Seal Clamped Screwed Diaphragm, Seal Welded Flanged Diaphragm, Seal Clamped Flanged Diaphragm & Seal Hygienic Diaphragm Seals.

Differential Pressure Gauges

Bourdon Tube Differential, Diaphragm Differential & Bellows Differential.

Small Dial Gauges

Standard Brass/Bronze Small Dial Gauge, Low Pressure Small Dial Gauge, Beryllium Copper Small Dial Gauge, High Pressure Small Dial Gauge & Stainless Steel Small Dial Gauges.

Special Application Gauges

Watertight Pressure Gauge, Can Piercing Gauge, Oxygen Gauge, Very High Pressure Gauge, Receiver Gauges, MOD Defense Standard Gauges & Grout Gauges.


Adaptors, Syphons, Over-range Protectors, Snubbers, Needle Valves & Ball Valves.