Heavy Plant Machinery & Vehicles

Strat-Logika offer a full range of equipment and spares support and are vastly experienced in selling Heavy & Core construction equipment, Industrial engines, Marine engines, Oil & gas engines, Generators and Power & energy solutions.

All parts are supplied direct from manufacturers. Short lead times and proven logistics save our client’s time and money. Strat-Logika have relationships in place with manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Demag, Volvo and Hitachi.

Strat-Logika support the complete range of sustainable, premium quality heavy plant machinery; just right for today's demanding market requirements. We supply durable hardworking equipment that is found in Oil, Gas, and Mining industries throughout the EU, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Construction Equipment

Strat-Logika offer a wide range of construction equipment including cement mixers, compactors, scaffold towers, generators and portable floodlighting. We are able to commission on-site fully operational and we provide warranties with all equipment as standard.

Heavy Load Trucks

Strat-Logika provides a wide range of Heavy Trucks, spare parts for various heavy load trucks, ranging from the simple oil filter to a heavy duty tyre. We have the supply chain in place to provide detailed and competitive prices from a variety of different manufacturers.

Excavating Equipment

Strat-Logika supply complete excavating equipment along with spare parts for many makes. Excavating equipment is widely used in the oil, gas and mining industries for general material handling, demolition, heavy lifting, general construction work, and is most commonly used in the mining industry, not only in open-pit mining but also in long-wall mining.


We supply Subsea mooring connectors and articulating bearings that use proven technology

Rocksteady Mooring Connector

Rocksteady is an auto-latching subsea structural connector, featuring a separate ROV operated lock for reliable long term performance.

The ROV locking mechanism is derived from collet connectors (used in wellheads, trees and flowlines), transferring the load to forged load shoulders and generating a high clamping force (or preload) in the mating parts. The preload is what gives the Rocksteady subsea mooring connector unparalleled fatigue performance and the unique capability to accommodate bending, tension, shear and torsion loads.

Rocksteady is available in ABS and DNV qualified specifications from 900t to 3,000t MBL and with a range of ROV tooling options. The connector can also be supplied to suit a variety of interfaces including chain, shackles, rope sockets, articulating bearings and pipe weld necks.

We work closely with our various OEMs for our mooring projects.


  • MODU connection to prelaid moorings.

  • Subsea connections in permanently moored rigs and FPSOs

  • Hybrid riser tower pile and buoyancy can connections

  • Structural pile connections, including wind and wave power applications.


  • Easy to install. Rocksteady’s automatic latch, large guide funnel and 25° installation angle means you connect in rough seas.

  • Cheaper to operate. Standard ROV torque tooling reduces make-up time and keeps the ROV in the water.

  • Quicker to deliver. The simple design means less machining and shorter lead times

Supply Subsea Bearing Systems

Bearings are a cost effective method of limiting peak loads and fatigue damage in components subject to oscillating motions, such as in mooring lines and riser towers.

STRAT-LOGIKA ensures all cylindrical bearings are tested for use in highly loaded applications and can provide design and engineering support to integrate bearings in your system.

We can also supply package articulating bearings with the Rocksteady connector, which can withstand extreme cyclic bending loads; to provide a robust and reliable structural connection system.


  • Long term mooring lines in rope sockets.

  • Hybrid riser tower pile and buoyancy can connections.

  • Structural pile connections, including wind and wave power applications.


  • Reduced capital cost. Typically, a bearing system will be less than half the price of an equivalent elastomer articulation system.

  • Quicker to deliver. Simple design and shorter lead times.