Marine and Power Generation Engine Spares

Spare and Replacement Parts for Marine and Power Generation Diesel Engines

Strat-Logika is able to offer its clients, existing and new, an extensive range of parts suitable for marine and power generation engines. A significant stock of diesel engine and stern tube seal parts are held in the UK, thus ensuring a fast response and delivery time. All working components are guaranteed and covered by product liability insurance. First class quality suitable for the following European and British engines which are 4-stroke, Medium Speed, 200mm – 460mm bore.

Engine Manufacturers

  • Allen

  • Bergen K & B / Normo

  • Dorman

  • MaK 453 AK / MaK 453C

  • Mirrlees Blackstone

  • Nohab Polar (British Polar) F10 / F20 / F30 / WN25

  • Paxman Y3J (Valenta)

  • Perkins 4000

  • Rolls Royce

  • Ruston AT / AP / AP230 / APC / RK / KT

  • Stork TM410

  • Vasa 22 / 32 / 46

  • Wartsila 20 / 32 / 34SG W46

Solid-Fueled Power Plants: Coal-Fired, Waste-to-Energy and Fuel Conversion Design and Construction

Strat-Logika has performed extensive EPC and commissioning services for coal-fired power plants, waste-to-energy and fuel conversion projects ranging in unit size from 65 MW to 1,600 MW. Strat-Logika ensures superior unit availability, reliability and efficiency through participation in all project aspects, from site selection through start-up.

Strat-Logika's experience covers all aspects of pulverized coal as well as fluidized bed combustion plant designs:

  • Biomass Boiler

  • Circulating Fluid Bed

  • Subcritical Pulverized Coal

  • Supercritical Pulverized Coal

Strat-Logika can generate coal-fired designs readily and efficiently, using pre-engineered reference plant designs, state-of-the-art 3D CAD and design collaboration tools. Our reference plant designs achieve the highest standards in performance, reliability, availability, operability and maintainability. Strat-Logika's reference designs can shorten lead times, reduce capital costs and promote shorter schedules.

Strat-Logika pre-engineered reference power plant designs include:

65 MW, 200 MW, 400 MW, 600 MW, 800 MW, 1000 MW, 2x65, 2x800, 3x65


Strat-Logika provides EPC and commissioning services for fluidized bed units, waste-to-energy, retrofits and fuel conversion projects. Facility designs are generated readily and efficiently using our reference plant designs, 3D CAD and collaboration tools to shorten lead times, reduce capital costs and shorten schedules.

Diesel Engine Ancillaries

  • Air Starters

  • Filters (Mann & Hummel + Vokes)

  • Turbochargers (ABB VTR Range)

Marine Components

  • Propulsion Systems – Service and Propeller Repairs

  • Shaft Components

  • Freshwater generators, stabilisers, steering gear, bilge water separators


Strat-Logika Supply, Install, Hire and Service all brands of compressed air treatment products. Strat-Logika is sophisticated on providing prime power for oil field continuous operation. We provide comprehensive solution for prime/standby power generation from 10-3000kva on oil field. High quality generator sets with auto control function, can be paralleled to reach desire power output, ATS equipment on every gen-set ensures immediate switch and start generator when city power shut down. With auto remote control function, gen-set real time operation parameters and state will be monitored, and machinery will give immediate alarm to monitor equipment when faulty occurred.