Connectors and running equipment for high pressure drilling, and completion & workover risers.


Nimway is our high capacity, quick make-up riser connector. Nimway's novel tensioned sleeve design evolved from STRAT-LOGIKA's experience designing high pressure dynamic flanges.


In Nimway, the array of tightened bolts in a conventional flange is replaced by a single stretched sleeve. Preloading is achieved by applying direct hydraulic force and the sleeve is locked in place with the collar, so there is no torque, no galling and no error.

All functions are automated on STRAT-LOGIKA’s spider and make-up tool, which maximises safety and enables an equivalent make-up speed to a threaded connector.


  • Open water and in-riser completion and workover risers (CWOR), with designs and qualification plans to ISO 13628-7, API 17G and API TR8 for 5” and 7” up to 20ksi in water depths to 3,000m.

  • High pressure drilling riser connector in development for 19.25" and 15ksi WP operation

  • Nimway provides the security of a flange but with far fewer components and simplified make-up. The connector is being developed further for high pressure and dynamically loaded permanent subsea connections.


  • Dual bore

  • Fully preloaded

  • Metal-metal seal and dual elastomer backup

  • Available as weld on or integrally forged

  • Repairable Inconel weld clad seal pockets

  • Replaceable Inconel seal ring

  • Replaceable fasteners

  • Fully compliant with NACE / ISO 15156-2

  • Fully compliant with NACE / ISO 15156-2

  • Low geometric SAF (2.5) for enhanced fatigue life.

  • No torque, so virtually unlimited make/breaks.

  • 2 minute make up using STRAT-LOGIKA’s automated spider and make-up tool