Strat-Logika’s aim for all employees to be safe in their place of work. Suitable clothing and apparatus for the work place is vital and a right.

Over the years Strat-Logika has supplied a variety of safety equipment including glasses, coveralls, helmets, gloves, marine safety, shoes and face protection. We are fully focused on our customers’ complete safety and satisfaction. We aim to keep our customers happy by listening closely to their needs, delivering high-quality products, and backing them up with support services.

Strat-Logika is fully committed to protecting the health and safety of our customers. We have been supplying global brands such as UVEX, MSA, 3M, Ansell, Kimberly Clark, National Safety Apparel, BigBill FR and Bulwark FR for many years and continue to serve our clients on a regular basis.

Safety Footwear

Safety footwear is required by law and is vital in protecting the individual against accidents in the work place. Strat-Logika offers a wide range of safety footwear from different manufacturers and holds many as stock, available for quick delivery.

Safety Workwear

Strat-Logika are approved distributors of Bulwark and BigBill, and therefore are perfectly positioned to offer a wide range of workwear at competitive price levels. Fire-resistant workwear is a legal requirement when working in dangerous environments such as power plants and oil facilities.

Head and Eye Protection

Head and eye protection is, in some cases, required by law. This includes protective glasses and helmets, and in areas such as the desert or offshore, headwear providing warmth and protection from the elements is a necessity.

Water Safety

Strat-Logika has many clients who operate in the marine sector and require water safety items such as life jackets, throw-ropes and ladders. All of these are SOLAS-approved and come under the Life-Saving Appliances and Arrangements Charter by the International Maritime Organisation.